In Uncategorized on March 3, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Headed out on I-95 around 1:15pm and all was well til some dumb piece of metal decided to hit my tire. Honestly, I am still trying to comprehend what exactly happened because right now, my bumper is destroyed and I am using the spare tire and I brought the car over to Townfair Tires in Branford (accident happened around Exit 50 on I-95N) and the guy ended up telling me that they don’t have the rim to fit the tires in my car and that I’d prob need to wait a couple days to get it. So now I’m beyond pissed and my dad’s calling me, every two seconds trying to get an update on the situation. Then I decided to make use of my newly acquired technology, the iphone and started looking up tire places/junkyards who’d carry a rim to fit my tires. So while I’m doing that, after a few mins, the same guy I talked to at Townfair comes out and tells me that he ended up finding a tire and a rim so I got all excited, my dad said to go ahead and get the new rim and tire. Meanwhile, 10 mins later, they come out and tell me that it didn’t fit. I WANTED TO PUNCH THE GUY IN THE FACE. Like seriously? First you tell me you don’t have something, then you tell me you have it and then you tell me what you told me initially. ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON? Obviously you are. So anyway, I just sat there and tried my best to NOT cry. And I’m really not good at doing that when I’m mad.

Long story short, it was a bad day all around and I got even more pissed when my dad blamed it all on me and said it wouldn’t have been this bad if I had pulled over sooner. Are you shitting me? I pulled over the second it happened. In fact, a cop came 10 mins later and told me to move my car (despite the flat tire) because I was in danger of being run over by a truck. But he was nice enough and called roadside assistance who came right away and replaced the tire for me.

After all of this madness, I ended up calling Oei and left her a really sobby message. 20 mins later she called and I almost cried.

Okay, I can’t even think/talk about this anymore. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Dad said some guy in Bport is ordering the rim and I’m supposed to pick it up at noon and go over to Townfair on Boston Ave and get it all done. *FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED*



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