Hello Stress!

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2011 at 2:05 pm

It was so great to not see you for an entire week, so try and make yourself scarce again. -.- Just did a cholesterol check in class, they showed us how to use the machine so I volunteered and had my finger pricked, of course initially it wouldn’t bleed and later it wouldn’t stop. TC: 138, HDL: 48, Non cholesterol: I forgot. I’d say I am pretty darned healthy when it comes to cholesterol 🙂

I am sooo freaking tired and bored, can’t wait to be done with school. I just told one of my classmate’s this: I am contemplating working at a CVS in the cape instead of back home once I am done with school. Going home during spring break gave me a whole new perspective on things and made me want to consider this option because I realized that I cannot live at home with my parents, I don’t mind my dad but dealing with my mom just puts a toll on me and my energy. Ridiculous. I’ll talk more about this later but for now I’m just sitting out here waiting for class to start. I get to see Rahul tonight….ahhhh it’s been forevers, I’m really excited. I am sure he’ll have a ton of India and wedding stories to share!

As the topic of this entry suggests, life’s back to being stressful again…thanks to being back in boston and classes starting. Spring breaks should last a month instead of a week, just sayin’.


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