epic therapeutics quiz fail

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2011 at 10:40 am

Today’s Therapeutics quiz was a major fail-I got a 5/10. My lowest Therapeutics quiz score ever, basically shows that the class is already on a bad start and this makes me dislike Psych even more. I am so glad that I didn’t apply for any rotations that have anything to do with psych or psych patients. Props to all you folks out there who like this stuff -.-

Gotta start studying for the next quiz early so I don’t fail it as badly as I failed this one. AHHH I know I should’ve studied last night instead of procrastinating and watching Glee, BLAH. I totally deserved it. But anyway, whatever, can’t change the past now. Gonna have lunch with two of my friends whom I haven’t seen in forever so that should be good.

A shitton of Pharmacoeconomics studying to do this weekend, definitely NOT looking forward to it. Can’t wait til the end of the semester.

Eating Kurkure and having a hard time typing…I’ll have to come back later.


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