Day 3

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Gratitude: We had two guest speakers from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, who came in during APPE class today, to talk to us about Palliative Care. It was a rather interesting class (I wish I was paying more attention instead of skyping with Swetha). Even though the entire class was extremely informative, I’ll just get down to talking about the most exciting part–towards the end, one of the speaker’s made us do an activity during which we were required to put our arts and crafts skills to test-haa (something that I’m not too good at to begin with). The purpose of this activity was to make us realize how overtime cancer patients pretty much willingly or unwillingly give up on relationships, desires, etc. Throughout the activity we were told to pretend that we were cancer patients whose health was deteriorating over time. We were all given a plain 8.5X11 paper that we folded into a few halves so ultimately we’d have 12 small squares which we then cut out by hand and later were asked to write something on each one of them based on a category that we were given. For instance: write down three things that you love the most, three people you love the most, three places you’d love to goto, and three characteristics that you love about yourself. All of you can most probably guess whom/what I put down for each of the categories. And for those of you that don’t already know, here’s what I had:

3 things: bracelet, ipod, water

3 people: Family, Grandma, Swetha (I know I cheated here because I categorized my parents and my brother as a whole– into one family, since I love all three of them to no extent and I love my Grandma and Swetha too :D).

3 places: India, England, Australia

3 characteristics: humor, sarcasm, optimism

Later on, the speaker told us how over time our health is deteriorating due to cancer and we need to eliminate two pieces of paper (any two things out of 12 that we listed) at a time and at the end we were left with just two pieces of paper–and even that was snatched away and ripped by the person next to us (thanks Katherine :P) …so basically the purpose of this entire activity was to make us realize the kind of pain and suffering that cancer patients go through. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever realized what it’s like to be one and I hope I don’t ever have to :(. Long story short, I’m grateful for all the abovementioned things plus a lot more-I am thankful for life in general and all the things that life has given me to survive, despite my constant efforts to bitch and moan, I am content with the way things are.

Yoga: 24 hours in a day just aren’t enough. I know it’s no excuse but today was better than yesterday, actually. I woke up a little earlier (@6:20am) so I had a little over 30mins to do my routine stretches and yoga. But I did also get distracted and went on facebook to send a message to one of my old coworkers at Unilever to get info for Neetha. Anyway, that’s besides the point…my body’s been extremely sore from the routine exercises but I’m loving it. It’s just a matter of a few days before my joints stop aching 🙂

Meditation: I wish there were a way to halt the fleeting thoughts and emotions for just a quick minute or two. It’s so ridiculously difficult to just be and not think about anything or anyone. But I swear, practice does make one better, certainly not perfect though.

Nature Appreciation: Gorgeous day out, I am considering going for a walk to Charles later, depending on how productive I am with studying (Clearly not productive enough since I’m here blogging away :D).

Food Awareness: Had a bagel and bournvita for breakfast, PB sandwich and a banana for lunch and thinking about having a veggie burger and spinach salad for dinner-YAY for eating healthy meals and saving money too 🙂

Been studying for Economics since 2pm. I know it’s only been an hour but I’m THIS close to gouging my eyes out right now. Sigh. Can’t wait till the madness ends.

Countdown til the last final: 42 days (including weekends and holidays). HOLLER.


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