Late night rambling

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2011 at 9:25 pm

I just remembered (while studying, yep potential ADHD-self diagnosis) that two days ago when I saw Rahul for a brief few minutes, the first thing he said after giving me a hug was, “You gained weight, I think. No you definitely gained. Or maybe not, but your cheeks look bigger.”

I guess this picture is proof that my cheeks do look kinda big, but I love it! And yes, I also love cheesin' like a zoo animal in all my pics πŸ˜€ (@ Kati Roll, NYC, March 2011)

I was unbelievably flattered, so much to the point where I wanted to give him another huge hug. No seriously. And I am pretty much anti-hugs unless I’m having an extremely, low, beyond imaginable bad day, then I’ll probably come to you and ask you for one, which only happens like once every couple decades πŸ˜€ So anyway, getting back to what I was saying…I was SO happy after he said that, I couldn’t stop grinning.

On another note, I’m highly concerned about tomorrow’s exam. There are a whole bunch of problems which I have no clue about and apparently we need to know how to solve them. Balls. Someone get me that PharmD already.

One of the pharmacist’s from CCH fb messaged me yesterday and told me that I got the 7th block at The Medicine Shop–community rotation. I am highly stoked but I’m also slightly disappointed that I don’t have the last block off. Well, there are better things to be disappointed about, I guess.

My bournvita’s ready…time to drink it, brush my teeth, and hit the sheets.

  1. Ah, you do look fuller and it’s lookin’ good! Congratulations on getting the 7th block rotation and good luck on your exam!

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