Been slacking…

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2011 at 7:16 pm

So I’ve been slacking at updating this and that’s totally not cool. I haven’t done yoga for the past 3 days so that’s a bummer. I’m currently in the Cape and that’s probably the reason why.

Hungout with Tom at Seafood Sam’s for a few hours…it was good to see him after a while. Also, while we were at SS, we looked out the window and snow coming down for a good 20 mins or so…It def wasn’t rain because I could make out the white particles, so much for tomorrow being the first day of Spring, but I’m not complaining.

Oei’s all moved into her new house, she says tomorrow’s going to be her first day here. I wish her the very best and hope she and Chris both have a great start in their humble new abode 🙂 I can’t wait to come down in a few weeks and stay in my very own purple room.

On another note, I need to not slack and get back into my Blissology routine. I was definitely off to a great start and then I kinda blew it off by not caring. Blah.

Oh almost forgot to mention, I went to Old Navy earlier for like a brief 5 mins (no joke, I detest shopping with a passion) to find me pants that I can wear to the CVS interview in two weeks…didn’t find anything so I walked out empty handed. BOO.

I’m sure Katherine will enjoy this entry because she’s been an extremely avid reader of my blog 🙂

Definitely not looking forward to going back to classes on Monday!

Okay so I’m just sitting here in my purple room while Oei and Chris clean up and get stuff done. Awesome. Oei was right, I do act like their child. -.- When will I ever grow up?



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