Why do I even have a blog?

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2011 at 10:50 pm

Okay, someone tell me why updating this has become a huge hassle? Because this is clearly not why I started a blog a few weeks ago, for it to turn into a hassle. But anyway, I am just a waste of space and I haven’t been doing anything worthwhile with my life so that is obviously nothing I should be bragging and/or blogging about.

I cannot wait till the Pharmacoeconomics project is turned in and over with. I don’t mind projects but I just can’t stand working in large groups, especially when some of the people in it are so goddamn lazy. Alright, I know that I am not the most on top of things and put together person but like COME ON, can we go at least one day without doing things the very last minute?

So freaking scared of next week’s CDM midterm. It’s not looking good and I can’t get myself to study…I don’t even know half of the topic that the test is on…and when I said “I don’t know”, I mean I don’t even know the titles. lol. Sad yet true.

I’m thinking about going to DC during my rotation block off. Should be a good time.

Oh speaking of that, I found out my rotation schedule last friday, since I’ve been slacking at updating, here’s what the schedule looks like:


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