Consistency and Change

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2011 at 8:35 am

So I’m realizing how tough it is to implement consistency in one’s life despite of one’s serious efforts of adhering to it mentally and physically. How many of us have chosen to work hard for half a semester and then “wing it” for the other half? Do you ever feel self confident one moment and terribly dejected the next? Do you exercise one week and then take a hiatus the next? Well, if you’ve experience any or all of these at some point in your life then Congratulations and Welcome to the World of inconsistency.

I believe that consistency and change go hand in hand. If you are unwilling to make the decision to change and accept the consequences of it then you are also unwilling to stay consistent and adhere to the “side effects” or negative as well as the positive aspects brought forth by the change. I know it sounds sort of counterintuitive but its really not.

Let’s take a look at an example: I started the Blissology project a few weeks ago, in hopes that I would be adhering to it on a daily basis and I wanted to feel a positive and energetic person-mentally as well as physically. I am not sure if I was ready to accept that holistic change, I must’ve not been because I definitely couldn’t comply to the daily yoga practice for any more than 3 days and that’s totally a bummer. There is also another way of looking at this, even if I were ready for change, I probably hit the phase that we call “relapse” in the healthcare field. There have been a lot of models built on the change theory and one such model is the Model of Behavioral Change which I learned about in Communication. This model deals with five phases of pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance. Several pictorial diagrams of this model have also incorportated the relapse phase into them to demonstrate how models of change aren’t perfect and there is always room for inconsistency and second chances which helps you get back on the consistency track.

Well, so that was quite an insightful blog entry. I feel really proud right now. Haha. I guess Dr. Rickles’ Communications class wasn’t a complete waste of my time :). On another note, I should really be studying. I have zero confidence/motivation for this exam and that cannot be a good thing. Everyone keeps telling me how the end is almost near and that I just need to power through this last month, yup exactly a MONTH because I will be moving out on April 26th. Time definitely flew and I will not miss Boston but I will surely miss some of the good times that were had.

Pray that I do well on this exam…speaking of which, I am going to get back to memorizing ADHD drugs, thank god there aren’t many 🙂

Oh and almost forgot to mention, saw Russell Peters Thursday night. I think it was worth the 10 bucks, however, his jokes are getting pretty repetitive and boring. The crowd went wild at every little thing and I couldn’t help but cringe at some of his sexual jokes and references. Either I just need to loosen up a bit or I am just too mature for my own good :). I also went to an indian event hosted by the International Student organization at NU. It was a great time, lots of great song & dance performances, skits, which concluded with delicious food catered by my favorite indian restaurant here in Boston. Although only for a mere three hours, I felt like I was in India 🙂

Here’s a pic from the event, kinda blurry but that’s the iphone version for ya!


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