Panera rocks!

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Because it gave me a free bagel this morning. Love you, Panera! Yep, it’s always the little things in life 🙂 The cashier asked me if I wanted creme cheese on it, I said yes, she said she’d have to charge me for it, I said no. Instead, took the free toasted “cinnamon raisin swirl bagel” and left 😀

Dunkin’ Donuts gave me a free chocolate glazed donut for filling out their customer satisfaction survey. I think everyone should do it. It merely takes 2 minutes to complete online and you get a free donut of your choice with the next purchase. Call me stingy but I love taking advantage of these opportunities, esp all the ones that are free 🙂

Been trying to get in touch with grandma for the past 3 days and my call hasn’t been going through. I hope she’s okay. Hate starting my day/week off with bad dreams and the last one I had was pretty dejecting and unnerving, hence I’ve been worrying a lot. Gotta keep telling myself to think positive.

I forgot to blog about this a few days ago but I’ve been following Dr. Mark Hyman’s site for the past couple days and I love the way he thinks and incorporates naturopathic ideas to his practice of medicine. He’s a MD but thinks like a ND. There are plenty of interesting tips on health and well being that everyone would potentially benefit from, so check out: Dr. Hyman’s Site

Just stumbled upon an exciting and educational iphone/itouch app called “Altmeds”. As the title suggests, an enormous amount of alternative and holistic med ideas incorporated into one awesome app = AMAZING. It’s currently serving as my biggest distractor and I officially give up on studying…well, on the bright side, at least I’m learning “something”. 🙂

Countdown to leaving Boston: 29 days

Happy Sunday everyone!

Bliss-Coastguard Beach, Eastham, MA, 3/17/2011


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