Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2011 at 7:53 pm

My Stroke of Insight, one of my favorite books by author Jill Bolte Taylor. Read it if you haven’t already and take the time to watch this as well: TED: Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight

I love the way she thinks and the book is Taylor’s personal journey as a scientist, sharing her unique perspective on the brain, post an unnerving stroke.

Please please please take the time to read it and be amazed by the surreal and meditative thoughts that Taylor provides via her first hand encounter.

Talked to Oei earlier…she makes me feel so much better and confident about my rather complicated and pseudo twisted life. Can’t wait to stay in my purple room this weekend.

Ok back to studying Major Depressive Disorder…I’m so done after this one.

And if there’s one thing that I’ll miss about Boston…it’s the awesome view out of my bedroom window:


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