Malaysian Dinner Night

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2011 at 10:06 pm

Finally finished my part of the Pharmacoeconomics project. PHEW. What a horror. Okay, I guess it wasn’t THAT bad. But still.

This kid across from me at the library was being “sort of” ridiculous. Typical Arab guy screaming at the top of his lungs while being on the phone….WHY don’t people understand that even if you’re talking to people overseas, they can still hear you even if you use your normal tone instead of the screaming tone! JESUS. Anyway, I figured I’d make an attempt to finish up the Economics thing at the library because everytime I come home, I either get distracted on youtube/ted/1000awesomethings/or some other great blog/site.

Cape Cod tomorrow. I should probably pack. Or shoving thing in the duffel bag 10 mins before leaving works just fine too…it’s what I’m used to anyway, just so I can forget my toothbrush (unintentionally) and make Oei buy me a new one (yep, been there done that, TWICE :D).

Oh almost forgot to mention…I already hate Ohio! Blah. Applied for my intern license like a month ago and I still didn’t receive it so I called them and found out that I need to go in at one of their locations in OH to get fingerprinting done. What BS. Even California doesn’t make you do that. Pathetic. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed.

Oh and here’s a pic of the unbelievably daaalicious Malaysian food. The plate was shaped like a leaf and I wanted to bring it home so I almost asked the server but then I refrained, lol. Before I forget, shout out to Parimal (Only because he asked me to talk about him in tonight’s blog…yep, what a tool). So there you go buddy, your very brief but awesome claim to fame!



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