Throwback-May 2008

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 at 8:52 am

Today’s goal: Go over all the new material at least once, be confident about it and then cover all the pre-midterm material very briefly. It’s a pretty tough goal to accomplish but as of right now, my only major worry is the breast cancer lecture-I get a headache everytime I try to go over it.

On the other hand, 4 more days til CT. It’s been a bittersweet journey through pharmacy school and I’m looking forward to being done. But part of me is also extremely nervous because I won’t know what to do with myself once I finish.

I need to think of a place to goto for dinner on Monday night. Perhaps I can work on that while taking a break from studying. Still haven’t packed yet…blah. I dislike packing.

Haven’t talked to grandma in a while, perhaps I should try and call her sometime today or tomorrow.

And here a few throwback pic–May 2008, miss it like whoa!

With Dad at EWR before boarding my flight for India 🙂

Hahahahaha. ❤ you grandma 🙂

One word-AWESOME

Sometime during the Mumbai trip. Love sunflowers

hahahaha. ewwww look at that pillow. dirtiest piece of junk i’ve ever seen!

HAHAHAHAHA, yep, drivin’ that bus to hell, fullspeed 😀


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