In Uncategorized on April 24, 2011 at 8:27 am

..’til the dreaded CDM final. LAST one EVER. Hope it goes well. Still feeling somewhat unprepared but just gonna keep reviewing things all day today and for part of tomorrow. Whatever I know, I shall know by the end of today and whatever I don’t know, I probably never will, till I study again for the NAPLEX 🙂

The sun just came out and things are starting to look up again. Awesome.

I am missing 3 paychecks from when I worked at the Medicine Store. Not cool at all. Hope they are still in the mail -.-

Aaaaand here’s to reminiscing—> Throwback to the 90s.

That’s my dad with one of my cousin’s and ME 🙂

With Grandparents…my grandpa looks so thrilled -.-

Mommy dearest during the good ole days

That’s my little brother…may not be from the 90s because my dad took this at the Empire State Bldg while visiting NYC after coming to the States.

Oh snap, I just remembered that I still need to finish one of the assignments for APPE. Dammit. I should probably get on that so I can get back to studying once I am done.

Countdown to leaving Boston: 2 days! I think I might just cry (tears of joy)


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