Bye bye Boston

In Uncategorized on April 27, 2011 at 10:22 am
So the move out went successfully yesterday but I am feeling the after effects of it this morning. My back along with the rest of my body is aching and/or sore. Blah. I’m really glad that I bumped into a friend while parking my car in front of my apartment who helped me move out. But then after getting home, I like how my mom just stood and stared and passed idiotic comments instead of lending a hand. Shut the fuck up already if you don’t know how to help because your dumbfaced comments aren’t really the definition of help. Anyway, “gotta keep calm and carry on”. I have to work at  CVS later from 2 to 8. Its not going to be fun. I need to get my eyebrows done too. AHH So much to do. The water in CT tastes so much different than Boston. But it’s the good kind of different 🙂 (Note: I am also slightly biased).
I need to go shopping. For clothes that I can wear during rotations. I feel like a hobo sometimes.
And a morning with chai and khari biscuit after waking up at 9am is priceless. I’m realizing that THIS is what freedom feels like 😀
I thought I had a before picture but I can’t find it anywhere. My room looks so empty. Can’t believe it’s all over. On the flip side…today is a new day and I am home till next week 😀

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