Sai Bhajans make life 100000X better!

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2011 at 10:45 pm

Been listening to it all evening and I feel so calm and content.

Went to the Hindu Temple in Cincinnati earlier, it was a bit of a drive but definitely worth it. Loved it.

Had the leftover Indian for dinner, it’s finally all gone. Haha. 3 nights worth of dinner for $11.99? I’ll take it.

Went to Patel Brothers after the temple, I had no idea it was only 4.5 miles away from where I live (Patel Brothers = an indian grocery store, except 100x more awesome than Shaws, S&S, Kroger, etc. combined). I picked up some snacks and frozen foods, caaaaaan’t wait to eat it. Finally got Bournvita and Chyawanprash too. Had to go an entire week without them 😀 Aaaaaand, I got a DEAL, buy 1 get 1 free packets of DHOKLA. YUUUUUUM

This one’s for you Neetha 😀

CVS all day tomorrow, yay, NOT. Time to hit the hayyy!!!!


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