Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.

In Uncategorized on May 16, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Yup. That’s all I do these days (oh, and work too. but that’s obvious. duh). Eat, sleep and poop on a loop. hahahahaha, I love it when my ramblings rhyme. Makes me feel like I’m a less nerdy version of Dr. S. Cooper 😀 (for those that don’t get that reference, I pity you :P)

I am SO unbelievably tired right now, and eating dinner at 9PM is just gross. On the bright side, the indian lady that I’ve been doing projects for at P&G really complimented my work that I’ve been doing on Olay Rejuvenate and Vitiligo. It felt so good. She wants me to write a report and turn it in by the end of this week so I’ve got quite a lot of work to do but I’m stoked! It’s enough time to get everything done and I’m learning something :D. I better get credit for writing it though.

CVS wasn’t too bad today, for once.

My eye hurts. I hope it’s not conjunctivitis. It’s itchy but it’s not pink. I’ll wait another day or two before I decide to go see a doc.

OH and awesome (well awesome in a ridiculous way) incidence from CVS: This lady came to drop off two prescriptions (she’s on Medicare Part D), one of the scripts wasn’t covered so I told her that and she said, “Okay fine, I’ll take the prescription back.” I was about to give it back to her and 10 seconds later she changed her mind. So you know, being my usual sarcastic self, I told her “Mrs. ‘XYZ’, you need to make up your mind.” And as soon as I said that, shit hit the fan. The lady just walked away and started bitching to whoever she was talking to on the phone. I was like -.- I started laughing because I was totally kidding and I said that to her too, as she kept walking away. She sat down in the waiting area and 5 minutes later I went over to her and apologized and said I was totally joking. She goes, “Oh no you wasn’t.” Like whaaaaat? LADY, calm your hormones already, first of all, you can barely speak English, secondly, you need a sense of humor, and thirdly, YES, I was joking. I DO NOT lie. Anyway, so that was pretty humorous, I got made fun of (the the pharmacist and the other tech who was working) for that incident for the rest of the night. I was pretty certain she’d go home and call the manager or corporate on me, maybe she did. Whatever, I can care less 😀 Oh and what’s even funnier is she told me something about how people in America are indecisive and that I should get used to it. You said it lady, not me. o.O

Okay my frozen dhoklas are ready to be consumed. I’m staaaaaaaving (said in a Massachusetts accent) 😀


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