People who do things for other people without any expectations are AWESOME

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Like today, my preceptor brought me pots and pans and I was like…WOW, thank you. She’s too kind. She literally goes out of her way every single time. I think it’s probably because she knows that I don’t know anyone here and she has motherly feelings so she just likes to do nice things. Well, thanks to my preceptor, I truly appreciate her acts of kindness 🙂 And she also invited me over her house for a Memorial Day cookout, I’ll probably have CVS but I’ll go for a little bit afterwards.

So last night I was extremely tired when I got home and I usually don’t drive into a parking spot, I mostly always back in, because I like the convenience of driving out of it easily in the morning. So anyway, last night when I got home, I was unbelievably tired (which is not an excuse) and when I drove into a spot, I went a little too far and hit the curb. After doing it, I sensed that I may have scratched the bumper or something. I couldn’t even see anything in the dark so this morning when I went to my car to drive to work, all I saw was the bumper had a slight gap on both sides (driver and passenger end). I showed it to my preceptor in the afternoon and she said that that’s normal. I am not sure if it’s always been there or if it was my doing. But I just hope that my dad doesn’t kill me when I go home.

Earlier at work, I was listening to pandora, and got bored so I figured I’d switch to my iphone. I unplugged my headphones from my laptop and plugged them into my iphone, apparently it didn’t go all the way in and when I hit play, it started playing on speaker. I had no idea because I had the earbuds in my ear, so I thought it was just extremely loud and I turned it down. 10 seconds later I realized that it was playing on speaker because everyone in their cubicle turned around and stared at me. LOL. Needless to say, it was awkward but I had a very good laugh at my own expense.

Swetha, Neetha and I started our own list of 1000awesomethings. Can I just say that I love it? My favorite was adding our names to that list of awesome because let’s face it, we are pretty darned awesome 🙂

And this pretty much made my entire week. “You’re a great person who brings out the best in people!!!” Awwww thanks Oei 😀 During our conversation on skype today…miss you, buddy!


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