Showering is extremely therapeutic, hence taking two showers a day = AWESOME!

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Call me crazy but I love taking showers, and no it’s not because I smell 😛 I think if there’s a specific time of the day that I love the most then it’s the time I take showers (and the time I sleep). Yup, multiple ones. I take two showers a day, and during the summers, I take 3 or sometimes even 4; only on rare occasions though.

Anyway, I worked with a really nice pharmacist at CVS earlier this evening. She even recommended a few places that I could explore in Cincinnati and the nearby areas. I am excited. Now if only I had a day off at CVS, I’d be able to do that. She also told me about an intern who lives nearby and who wouldn’t mind having a roommate. I don’t know her but she said that the girl’s extremely nice and trustworthy. Hmm…do I just take her word for it? I am a little nervous but I am thinking about checking out the place and whatnot. The rent should be around $400 a month which is CHEAP. I mean damn, if I had known about it sooner I could’ve saved so much money. Haha. No joke though.

I am super duper tired as usual. But today’s tiredness is the worst because I had to sit through a 3.5 hour meeting this morning. I mean DAMN, I thought I was going to pass out. But at least they had food. I grabbed Cherry yogurt, trailmix, a sliced cake and a banana, but I saved the banana for later. The rest of the day was good because I ended up finishing my Vitiligo and Leucoderma report and submitted it. Hopefully I did well on it and hopefully I’ll get credit for it too. Sigh. Wishful thinking, huh?

Alright I need to catch up on ZzzZZzzs, long day at CVS tomorrow. Boo.


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