Today is my dad’s 53rd Birthday, AWESOME

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Today is also my little cousin’s birthday, double dose of awesome. I called her last night to wish her (she’s in India and they’re 9.5 hours ahead of EST). It worked out perfectly because Cincinnati was under a tornado warning last night. I had to work at CVS and it was pretty wild (pictures to follow). I got back to my hotel around 9:30pm and the power was out. It didn’t come back till about 7:15am this morning. Totally ridic, because I couldn’t even shower after work last night. Anyway, so there wasn’t much damage but this morning, most of the traffic lights were out, so it was a nightmare trying to get to work. Basically, you had to treat each traffic light as a stop sign and some people are terrible at giving other people the way and so that just made it worse.

Lisa, my preceptor at P&G is SOO nice. I am pretty sure I mentioned her in some of my previous entries but I am so thankful that I have her as my preceptor and not anyone else. She’s taken real good care of me over the past two and half weeks and I am immensely grateful. We went to Graeter’s (famous homemade icecream place in Ohio) and had a great time. We discussed spirituality and religion and how there is a clear distinction between the two and how life would make much more sense if people were to stress spirituality instead of religion, as the latter is just a mere lens through which we choose to view the world. I know I am not even close to being done, but I do know that when I leave, I will definitely miss Lisa.

Not too much has been going on, just been busy working. Sunday night, I had a great discussion about life, spirituality and people with Aparna via Skype. Lately, I’ve been feeling that some of the relationships that I once thought were very strong and dear to me are now slipping away. I am not sure why, perhaps it’s just my perception (but part of me also tells me that it’s not just me). Maybe, it’s a test of time? But anyway, it feels great to come to the realization that everything in life is just temporary, including people, the only thing that’s eternal and permanent is the relationship that you have with God, as long as you possess strong underlying belief. I do not want to discuss this any further because it is way past my bed time, perhaps I will save it for another entry.

My delicious dinner from Sunday night: Salad and Green Monster 🙂

Took this at CVS last night–I was way too excited to see a Tornado. Haha.

At Graeter’s earlier today–Cherry Fruit Sundae–YUMMEHH!!!

Tonight’s dinner–Sev Puri, daaalicious 😀 (What is Sev Puri?)

Gonna go meditate and hit the sheets…


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