Homemade ras malai = AWESOME

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 at 10:45 pm

Haven’t had the time to update this in forever but went over to Neelam’s, one of the Indian women I have been doing projects for at P&G invited me over for dinner at her house on Sunday night. Let me just say this, I wish I could manage time like she does. I don’t know how but she manages to find time to cook, to knit, to work and do work out all in the same day. And this woman is my parents age, perhaps even older. I mean WOW. I am sure she does a lot of other things too, like entertain people on weekends, yet she doesn’t tire, maybe she does, but I haven’t ever heard her complain. Phew. Amazing. So the title of this post pretty much pertains to the unbelievably delicious ras malai she’d made for dessert on Sunday. (What is ras malai?)

I am beyond tired. CVS sucked. See what I mean? I am full of complaints. I just can’t help it. But I am SOO beyond excited to have the next three days off from CVS. I am looking forward to volunteering at the charitable pharmacy tomorrow and Thursday. Can’t wait to blog about it 🙂


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