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Awesome people are AWESOME

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Holycrap, I haven’t updated this in like eons.
Some idiotic bitch came into work today and made my favorite pharmacist cry. I kid you not, the pharamcist was in tears merely seconds after the customer finally gave up bitching, and left, threatening to take her business elsewhere. It’s people like her (the bitchy lady) who make me want to HATE the pharmacy profession. Seriously. So anyway, this lady was upset because one of her meds cost $60, instead of $30 like it did last month. Mind you, $60 and $30 were both copays. Fuck you, ugly bitch. Your insurance is your problem, not mine. But she kept insisting that CVS was ripping her off by charging a ridiculously high copay and she knows about all of our tricks because she works for Aetna. Goto hell you dumb piece of shit, and why don’t you do that after taking your business elsewhere too so people like me and the awesome pharmacist that I worked with wouldn’t have to suffer. Blah. So anyway, that’s how my day started (this occurred at 9:30am)
Earlier, I went to the beach with my dad. It was really nice. We walked around for a bit, then sat and posed for pics. lol. Then we talked about Ohio and it made me realize how much I miss you Lisa! Then later on, my dad mentioned Oei. He referred to her as my “really nice friend in cape cod”–which is TRUE. FYI, he thinks you’re amazing Oei. He made me realize how good friends are hard to find and tough to hold onto. But I am also grateful for having some of those very good/awesome people in my life. So here’s to gratitude–awesome friends are, well, AWESOME, esp Oei. And Neetha. And Swetha. And Katherine. And Alysia. And Aparna. And Alyssa. And Steph. And Kevin. And Racelle. And all those other awesome people whom I love but forgot to mention here.
Okay, it’s time for bed. Another long day of CVS tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and then it’s CAPE COD. Yay!


Cape Cod = <3

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Drove to the Cape yesterday, totally random. Well, not entirely because one of my good coworker’s leaves for Alaska soon so I wanted to see her before she left. I will miss her terribly! But I CANNOT wait to go visit soon. Oh and I wanted to surprise Oei too 😀

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in Cape Cod. Can’t wait to go see some beaches later today. Excited for breakfast at The Red Cottage with Linda and then seeing Jean later. w00t.

Feels good to be HOME

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But I miss Ohio dearly! Had mom’s home cooked meal for dinner and I was in heaven 😀

Can’t wait to visit the Cape soon…maybe even tomorrow? We shall see. For now, I need to catch up on Zzzz’s.

Favorite pic of the week…

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Took it at P&G while walking with one of the other intern’s today. Such a gorgeous day out!

Had my presentation today, so glad it’s finally over. It could’ve been better, the other intern presented after me and her layout and organization was far better than mine. But my topic lacked substance too, there was hardly any literature out that linked hypopigmentation to the use of skin lightening agents. Not to mention, her preceptor spent a week and half going over her presentation while I was working on other things and the woman I worked with on the project only gave me feedback on my presentation once. Whatever. I am glad it’s over. Wish it was more pharmacy related but what can you do 🙂

It’s getting late. I can’t believe I am leaving on Thursday. So I’ve decided that I’ll drive about halfway (or perhaps a little less) and spend the night somewhere in PA. It might be better that way so I am not completely exhausted when I reach CT.

Alright, time to hit the hay! Can’t wait to pack up my stuff tomorrow! But I’ll surely miss this place.

Soan Papdi tastes AWESOME

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For those that don’t know, Soan Papdi = a traditional Indian flaky sweet made with almonds, pistachios and a bunch of other things 😀 It’s simply DAAALICIOUS!

Finally had a short chat with Katherine, holycrap, it’d been over a month since we last talked, crazy ridic.

Went to the temple earlier and it felt great.

I forgot to blog about this but I realized how fun it is to talk to old people, I mean that in a good way. And when I say old, I mean people our grandparent’s age. Their stories are so amazing and real and experienced. Everytime I share something, it’s like a newsflash, whereas their stories are like taking a page out of a novel. My grandma is totally awesome! I love talking to her, for many reasons. The prime reason being that she is my grandmother and the second reason is the fact that she is so awesome and she is old. Trust me, old people rule! I am always up for an intellectual, refreshing and experienced talk with an old folk!

Okay that was totally random. I need to get sleep. Working 8am-9pm tomorrow. But at least I have the weekend off and something to look forward to–exploring Cincinnati 😀

I can’t wait to goto the Cape when I go back home. I know I’ve said it numerous times, but AHH. Beaches = ❤ just like iSCREAM = ❤ It’s the little things in life.

Skyped with Racelle, Oei and Aparna! Thursdays are awesome because all of the skype sessions have made the rest of my week more enjoyable 🙂

Alright, time to hit the sheets for real!


My preceptor at P&G is AWESOME

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No she really is. She took me and two other interns out for lunch today, we had mediterranean buffet at Taz. I think it was slightly bland but that’s probably because I’ve been so spoiled after eating Indian food all my life 🙂 But nonetheless, it was a great time and I ate a ton of food.

Tomorrow I will have exactly one week left at P&G, it’s starting to seem so surreal. I am going to miss this place. AHH!

And I have a night off tomorrow, I also have the entire weekend off from CVS, OH EM GEE!

Tomorrow is Thursday which also means it’s SKYPE DAY! YAY!

I was flipping through the pics on my phone and came across this…Remember it, Oei? 😀

This was a few months ago when we went out for lunch and the table cloth was made of brown paper and they provided us crayons. I may be 24 but I am still a four year old at heart ❤ 🙂

Why haven’t I updated this in forever?

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I guess I’ve been tired lately, does that surprise you? I think not. Haha.

I’ve been working a lot, as usual. This morning when I woke up, I realized that I have less than two weeks left in Ohio and that made me a little sad. I am going to miss this place, initially I didn’t think I would, but I won’t lie, I’ve met some pretty awesome people along the way and the thought of not seeing them again is a tad bit disappointing as well as depressing. Well, who knows, maybe someday I’ll end up in Ohio again? Life is unpredictable, especially mine 😀

I went to the Summerfair last Friday with one of the intern’s. It was actually a lot of fun. We just walked around and admired some amazing artwork, paintings, photographs, etc. I even took pics of people’s work even though I wasn’t supposed to 🙂 (Duh)

I know part of me will miss Ohio but part of me also can’t wait to go back home. I mean, it’s been lovely here but after all, home is home, right? More importantly, I can’t wait to goto the Cape and hangout at the beaches! YAY!

I finally picked up a new book to read at B&N last weekend. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Haven’t gotten too far but so far it’s great…will describe it more in later entries.

And here is the pictorial version of my past few days in Ohio…

Veena-an indian pharmacist from CVS took me out to dinner last night-THE BEST food I’ve had in a while.


Lady trying to use chopsticks and failing miserable–yes, I am going to hell o.O


Where can I get me one of these?

India Table at Asian Heritage Day 🙂


Sounds about right

Who are you?

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So inspiring and true 🙂


Modern Family = AWESOME

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This is AWESOME, try it! 

Volunteered at the Charitable Pharmacy in Downtown Cincinnati today. Made me realize how grateful I am for all the things and people that I have in my life. Really. It’s only times like these that make you pause, think, appreciate, and reflect. So this organization known as the St. Vincent de Paul serves the four major counties in the Cincinnati area and is an international organization located in numerous countries worldwide. The Cincinnati chapter is a non profit organization that assists with providing food, clothing, transportation, medicine, rent, furniture, etc. They have a great food pantry that is run based on wants. So basically, it’s not just a bunch of things thrown in a bag but rather it is what each family desires/wants, which I think is pretty cool.

I was given a tour of the building and later, I got dropped off in the Pharmacy by a really awesome volunteer coordinator. She seemed very nice, we went off on a tangent and started talking about Boston while she gave me the tour, because she went to grad school in Boston. The pharmacy is basically run on donations from pharmaceutical companies and unused drugs from nursing homes and/or pharmacies. It’s a very neatly run place which was started back in 2006. There is a back area where they have pre-pharmacy student volunteers sort all the drugs that they receive from various places, in the main pharmacy area, there are 2-4 pharmacists who input and verify prescriptions. There is also a lead tech who helps with the inputting of prescriptions. There were three PharmD students on rotations, whom I also met today, it was their first day too, just like me 🙂 They seemed very diligent and helpful, I hit it off really well with two of them, who seemed to be on a similar sarcastic level as me 😀 During the tour, I saw a bunch of people waiting to get their meds in the lobby, most of them looked tired and depressed but I am sure they were grateful to be getting their meds for free. The basic criteria for enrollment at the charitable pharmacy is: Monthly expenses >>> Monthly income. I felt really great after helping out. I am glad that there are such organizations out there to help people out. Since it’s such a busy place, it only enrolls 12 new patients every day that it’s open (4 days a week).

Alright, so that’s about it, there’s a repeat of Modern Family on TV, bummer. But still, I love watching it. Gloria and Phil are so freaking funny.

There was a tornado in MA today, WTF? Hope everyone’s safe.

Getting pretty sleepy…