Modern Family = AWESOME

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This is AWESOME, try it! 

Volunteered at the Charitable Pharmacy in Downtown Cincinnati today. Made me realize how grateful I am for all the things and people that I have in my life. Really. It’s only times like these that make you pause, think, appreciate, and reflect. So this organization known as the St. Vincent de Paul serves the four major counties in the Cincinnati area and is an international organization located in numerous countries worldwide. The Cincinnati chapter is a non profit organization that assists with providing food, clothing, transportation, medicine, rent, furniture, etc. They have a great food pantry that is run based on wants. So basically, it’s not just a bunch of things thrown in a bag but rather it is what each family desires/wants, which I think is pretty cool.

I was given a tour of the building and later, I got dropped off in the Pharmacy by a really awesome volunteer coordinator. She seemed very nice, we went off on a tangent and started talking about Boston while she gave me the tour, because she went to grad school in Boston. The pharmacy is basically run on donations from pharmaceutical companies and unused drugs from nursing homes and/or pharmacies. It’s a very neatly run place which was started back in 2006. There is a back area where they have pre-pharmacy student volunteers sort all the drugs that they receive from various places, in the main pharmacy area, there are 2-4 pharmacists who input and verify prescriptions. There is also a lead tech who helps with the inputting of prescriptions. There were three PharmD students on rotations, whom I also met today, it was their first day too, just like me 🙂 They seemed very diligent and helpful, I hit it off really well with two of them, who seemed to be on a similar sarcastic level as me 😀 During the tour, I saw a bunch of people waiting to get their meds in the lobby, most of them looked tired and depressed but I am sure they were grateful to be getting their meds for free. The basic criteria for enrollment at the charitable pharmacy is: Monthly expenses >>> Monthly income. I felt really great after helping out. I am glad that there are such organizations out there to help people out. Since it’s such a busy place, it only enrolls 12 new patients every day that it’s open (4 days a week).

Alright, so that’s about it, there’s a repeat of Modern Family on TV, bummer. But still, I love watching it. Gloria and Phil are so freaking funny.

There was a tornado in MA today, WTF? Hope everyone’s safe.

Getting pretty sleepy…






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