Awesome people are AWESOME

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 10:53 pm

Holycrap, I haven’t updated this in like eons.
Some idiotic bitch came into work today and made my favorite pharmacist cry. I kid you not, the pharamcist was in tears merely seconds after the customer finally gave up bitching, and left, threatening to take her business elsewhere. It’s people like her (the bitchy lady) who make me want to HATE the pharmacy profession. Seriously. So anyway, this lady was upset because one of her meds cost $60, instead of $30 like it did last month. Mind you, $60 and $30 were both copays. Fuck you, ugly bitch. Your insurance is your problem, not mine. But she kept insisting that CVS was ripping her off by charging a ridiculously high copay and she knows about all of our tricks because she works for Aetna. Goto hell you dumb piece of shit, and why don’t you do that after taking your business elsewhere too so people like me and the awesome pharmacist that I worked with wouldn’t have to suffer. Blah. So anyway, that’s how my day started (this occurred at 9:30am)
Earlier, I went to the beach with my dad. It was really nice. We walked around for a bit, then sat and posed for pics. lol. Then we talked about Ohio and it made me realize how much I miss you Lisa! Then later on, my dad mentioned Oei. He referred to her as my “really nice friend in cape cod”–which is TRUE. FYI, he thinks you’re amazing Oei. He made me realize how good friends are hard to find and tough to hold onto. But I am also grateful for having some of those very good/awesome people in my life. So here’s to gratitude–awesome friends are, well, AWESOME, esp Oei. And Neetha. And Swetha. And Katherine. And Alysia. And Aparna. And Alyssa. And Steph. And Kevin. And Racelle. And all those other awesome people whom I love but forgot to mention here.
Okay, it’s time for bed. Another long day of CVS tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and then it’s CAPE COD. Yay!

  1. πŸ˜€ oye gunda, thanks for the shout-out. kya baat for being awesome!! hehe. oh, you have to update this!! :0)

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