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The title of this entry pretty much says it all-been working like a dog at CVS lately. FML.

So I bought my dad a tablet PC last Sunday and gave it to him yesterday. He has yet to open it and he told me to return it the second he saw me hand it to him. I was disappointed, actually, I was angry. Of all the people, my own parents are the people that I fail at making happy. It’s terrible. But then later on, after a lot of thinking, I realized that my dad probably feels bad taking something so expensive and valuable from me, hence, he wanted me to return it. It makes sense, I mean if someone were to get me something just as expensive, I wouldn’t take it, even if my own dad had purchased it for me. So why am I getting mad at him?

Came across this while browsing…

Holycraaaaap, is that for real?

I am going to go sleep and dream about vacationing there…hopefully I won’t end up selling one of my kidney’s o_O (About two weeks ago, I had a dream in which I ended up selling one of my kidneys to go on a vacation to Australia. Apparently my parents found out and decided to never talk to me again. Pretty pathetic, I hope it doesn’t ever become a reality or I’m screwed.)

  1. That pool is sooooooo high…..I know I would not even be able to walk up the steps to get there!!!!! If that’s where your planning on vacationing count me out!!!!

    As for your dad I think your right. Your heart was in the right place….It is just tooooooooo big. You are a good person and I thank you for being my friend!!!!! Can’t wait till you come back to CC….I will have to catch up on modern fam….. see you soon…

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