It’s HOT.

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2011 at 11:35 pm

Clinical #2 starts in less than two weeks and I am actually nervous. Only because the first clinical at P&G was sort of laid back and I pretty much forgot all of the Pharmacy crap that I learned at NU. Lame. On the bright side, I get to be in the Cape for six straight weeks, can you tell I am excited? Actually, words can’t define my excitement right now. But that also reminds me, I need to look for a place to stay at in Boston for my next two rotations after the one in Cape Cod. BOO. I don’t want to be back in Boston but at least this time it won’t be forever.

I am so excited to only be working at CVS for two days this week, one of which is already over and one is tomorrow. Phew. What a nightmare that place is. The other day some guy came upto me and asked me if I could recommend something over the counter similar to Viagra, my eyes got really big and I was trying really hard to not crack up. Today some guy got pissyfaced because he didn’t have his ID to show while picking up his Percocet so he came over to the drop off area and snatched away the prescription out of the pharmacist’s hand. I really really really hope to God that I don’t have to end up working at CVS after I graduate or I’ll probably want to shoot myself -.-

My little cousin got accepted to IIT Bombay, let’s just say that it’s one of THE MOST prestigious colleges of India and I am very proud of him. Talk about a weird/pleasant coincidence because I had JUST mentioned him to Oei the night before and the next morning I got a message from him saying he had gotten accepted. I suppose my positive vibes reached him just in time, life is really awesome like that.

I am getting pretty sleepy. I still want to fingerpaint. I think I should just do it instead of talking about how badly I want to do it.

Did I already say how hot it’s been lately? AHH, I SO cannot wait for summer to end.


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