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Work related ramblings

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While at work today, I realized how serious some people are about their work. Actually, I shouldn’t say some, most people are pretty serious. I can’t relate to them. Sometimes I feel out of place. Have you ever had that feeling of not belonging anywhere? Like neither here, nor there? Well, I get that feeling almost all the time. I don’t know why, especially when I am working around serious individuals. I mean, overall, the hospital is a pretty chill place (ha, what an oxymoron). No, but, I just mean the pharmacy…most people who work there are extremely laid back and have Β at least “some” sense of humor. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that I can’t relate to people who are way too serious all the time. Does that mean that I am just a slacker compared to them? I also get that feeling sometimes, that I am not doing enough work, compared to the rest. Or am I just doing everything at twice as fast, so by the time I finish ten tasks, the rest are only done with five and yet they feel like they’re working way harder. Well, in reality they are, whereas, I don’t need to. Hahaa. Duh. That makes much more sense now. Glad I verbalized my feelings on here. Phew. Time for bed!


Six more days of Internal Medicine left

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Time definitely flew. I don’t know how it manages to do that, even without wings. I can’t believe I am almost done with two of six rotations already. Almost there. Never thought I’d make it this far πŸ™‚

I figured out what I want to do for my case presentation. I also presented my journal club today. I am awesome. No really. This isn’t my ego talking. I was flattered because one of my supervisor’s pulled me aside and complimented me on what a great job I did. He didn’t want to say it when everyone else was in the room right after I was done because he didn’t want to make the other students feel bad. Aww. But apparently he thought that they just read off of their paper while I actually made a lot of eye contact and my presentation was well rehearsed. Hahahaha. Biggest joke ever because I barely finished last night and I didn’t even go over it a single time. Guess I’m just a natural πŸ™‚

I am SO tired. I should probably sleep…and dream about going here someday…

If this isn’t bliss, I don’t know what is…

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You have got to agree, just say YES. I took the picture at Coastguard Beach about two weeks ago. It was a perfect day! A few minutes later, we even saw a rainbow, on a non-rainy day. How cool? VERYUNBELIEVABLY COOL.

I am very excited for tomorrow. Why? Because the current students at the hospital leave and so we’re having a party for them. A cupcake and icecream party. HELLYES! Not so much a fan of the former but everyone knows I LOVE iSCREAM! Oh em gee, I might not even sleep tonight since I am so damn excited for icecream. wooo! On that note, I should go finish up my journal club. Ew.

True Life :)

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So much for Hurricane Irene…

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..or should I say, “tropical storm Irene”? Anyway, what a waste…there was no storm and here I was hoping for a day off on Monday, so that’s obviously not happening. But that’s alright, I am almost done with my rotation, going onto the next one. So cannot wait for it to all be over.

We went to the beach earlier this morning, it was a good time. As they say, there’s always a silver lining.

I should get some work done for my clinical…but before that, here’s a quick capture of Hurricane Irene:



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I know it sounds kind of cheesy but such thoughts just blow my mind, not literally, obviously πŸ˜› But it’s amazing to know things like: somewhere someone is thinking about you, even when you’re entirely oblivious to it. Or somewhere someone is happy, simply because you are happy. And happiness is contagious, so if you are happy, everyone around you is happy. I love being happy. No joke. It’s like my most favorite pastime as well as presentime. And on that note, I am going to go do something that makes all of us happy—>SLEEP πŸ˜€


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Β Whoever lives here better not ever be in a bad mood.


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I don’t know what made me think of this but it’s definitely got to be one of my favoritest commercials:

::still need to find an apartment::


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My little brother is 20 today.

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WOW. Where did the time go? It seems as if it was only yesterday that I had him on my lap and could toss him in the air like a stuffed toy (no just kidding, I don’t think I actually ever did that.) Anyway, so Happy Birthday to my little brother who is no longer little -.-

A few days ago, Linda, one of my favoritest coworkers/friend/almost like a mom to me said something that made me feel extremely loved. We were discussing how I came to this hospital as an intern about three years ago and how I was really sad to leave after four months of my first co-op but then I also ended up coming back for my second co-op. Linda said how now I am part of the family now, a demented but happy family πŸ™‚ A few years ago, I wouldn’t have liked being part of a family at work, because I don’t make friends with the people that I work with, I am still sort of like that but it’s so amazing to be able to get along with everyone and to be able to have fun while you get your work done. I love being here and I love the people that I work with, most of them anyway.

My preceptor isn’t here today and it feels like I am on vacation…except I am just present at work but my mind is totally elsewhere. I should probably get some of my reports done today though, since I have a presentation to do in two weeks. I also need to look for apartments. AHH hate moving and hate living with people.

On a more positive note, I would love to move here: