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I really wanted to buy a bike this summer because it’s my first summer away from home (CT) and away from the city (Boston). So I was hoping to get a bike during my six week stay in the Cape but I guess that’s not happening because my computer screen crapped out and I am in in desperate need of a new computer. Also, I will have to admit, at first I was a little reluctant on getting an Apple but now I must say that Apple has got far better specs and durability compared to all other computers out in the market right now. But they do cost a fortune, however, they are also designed to last at least a decade or two. I wish I didn’t have to spend the money for it right now but I think I am going to have to. Also, how come no one told me that it was tax free week? Sigh.

  1. Tax free week!?! When is/was that? I went to DD for a small coffee- 6.35% tax. WTH CT!? So depressing. On the upside, you’ll get a lappy and we can gchat again. WOOT! and ochem ends this Wednesday!!! Excitement is in the air :o)

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