Pomegranate and Acai Green Tea

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2011 at 3:46 pm

So I just tried a green tea experiment. I realized that I haven’t had green tea in a while. There used to be a time (when I worked at Unilever) when I drank at least one cup of green tea a day but then I stopped, I don’t know why, especially since it’s so healthy. I wish I had tea leaves but I don’t. So I picked up pomegranate and acai flavored green tea by Bigelow. I put some lime and thyme leaves in it and the result was simply MINDBLASTING. No lie. I am saying this without an exaggeration. I am a huge fan of thyme and I love thyme in almost any food so I thought I’d try it with tea too. I think a few days ago I was browsing through someone’s blog and they had tried thyme leaves and plum in their green tea. I didn’t have plums but thyme leaves with lime works just as well 🙂 Mmmmm I wanna have another cup now.


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