Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Backpack

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Backpacking is one of the most fun adventures to go on. College students for years and years have enjoyed grabbing their gear, some good friends, and a map and setting out onto an unknown place. It is also one of the best economical ways to vacation. Don’t worry about burning the cash because with these top ten places to backpack you will be seeing the world without dipping too far into the bank account. Get ready for a fun time with some good friends. Grab your gear and let’s go.

1. India

Backpacking India is easy and inexpensive. As far as countries go for cheap backpacking this place tops the list. Food, accommodations, and travel are very cheap compared to other places around the world. Backpacker’s hostels are located in all the major cities and many touring guides appeal to college travelers as well. Backpacking India means leaving luxuries like hot water pressure and air conditioning at home in exchange for some pretty incredible sites and people to meet.

2. Brazil

Places like Rio de Janeiro draws tourists in, yet there are many more things to see here that you may have not thought of. Head to Porto Alegre and see Aparados da Serra National Park. Regional buses can take you from city to city to help getting around easier. Also taking a Portuguese phrase book with you will make transactions and bartering less stressful. Make sure you also plan some time to backpack through the Amazon jungle. It’s quite the sight.

3. Portugal

Portugal has the Mediterranean flavor without the high costs like Spain and Italy. Here your dollar can stretch far with things like food and hostels. Travel is fairly cheap as well. The well connected train lines connect most of the major cities. Taxis are much cheaper in cities like Lisbon then in places like Paris and London. Head to Algarve for incredible beaches. This will be the most costly of the places you can go here, but it is still much cheaper then beaches in the South of France and Spanish beach cities.

4. Sri Lanka

Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lana, is the most popular city to visit here. Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is actually the capital of the country and worth a visit to as well. The Buddha statues and Galle Face Green Promenade in Colombo are awesome. You will feel as though you have traveled to another time and place when you come to Sri Lanak. The people are very friendly and willing to meet your needs.

5. Mexico

Mexico is awesome and for the most part very cheap to backpack through. As long as you steer clear of places like Cancun you will be all set. As with many slightly economically depressed countries, Mexico offers hostels and B&Bs at excellent prices. Plan to see the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Mexico City and the commercial capital of the country, a volcano in Toluca, and if there’s time go white water rafting in Veracruz.

6. Greece

One of the oldest and most established cultures in the world, Greece is a tourists haven. Many of the cities like Athens lure tourists in with their ancient ruins, charm, incredible food, and entertainment. Summer is the best time to come here when the weather is perfect and every shop is open for tourist season. You can visit ancient ruins from thousands of years ago or head to the beach on one of the amazing islands. Whatever you choose you will be having a fabulous time exploring Greece. Plus you get to it all for very cheap as a college backpacker.

7. Morocco

Lots of sand plus camels plus henna equals a unique and fun time. Morocco is a holistic paradise where you check your home comforts at the door and welcome getting back to the basics. Here there isn’t electricity and running water everywhere. Although hotels and most hostels have it. The key here is to learn about the culture, see some incredible sites, and save some money while backpacking.

8. Bali

Indonesia’s pride and joy, Bali is a must for any backpacker looking for fun and saving money. Tropical jungles, long stretches of beaches, caves, volcanoes, and locals are why tourists love to come to this place. For college students, it is easy to get around and meet other college students Visit museums and galleries and take in a Balinese dance with an authentic dinner.

9. Peru

Peru is really an amazing place to visit. When choosing where to backpack inexpensively consider this place as your destination. Rainforests, ruins, and beaches are plentiful. Lima the capital is a good place to start your trip if you don’t have a game plan. The cool part about Peru also is that you don’t really need a plan. Just have a map, a little Spanish under your belt, and a good pair of hiking shoes. You’re all set for a once in a lifetime adventure.

10. Croatia

Visiting Croatia can give you the illusion that you are somewhere expensive. However, unlike Europe, you can get the glam without the pricetag. And if you are backpacking Croatia then you are all set. Hostels and inexpensive restaurants and bars are plentiful. Don’t worry about wasting money on pricey hotels. You can stay in a comfortable youth hostel with other college students and still see all the great sites. If you are planning to visit this summer make sure you get over to Dubrovnik. There is a large summer festival going on the entire month of July.


Good to know that my 3 favorite places (India, Greece, Bali) are on that list. Now all I need is to just grab my sneaks and a daypack so I can backpack away. It feels so exciting and energizing to read about these things but when it comes to doing it, I don’t even know where to begin. Sigh.


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